Steve Jobs Te Odia

Actualmente el iPhone y el iPad no soportan Flash. No sólo esto es una molestia para los usuarios de ambos aparatos, como lo es para los desarrolladores de Flash o los dueños de webs.

Un creativo de McCann, Mat Bisher, tiene su web hecha en Flash y no está de acuerdo con la nueva política de Apple hacia Flash. Por lo que ha decidido enviar un mensaje a los usuarios tanto del iPhone como del iPad utilizando un Flash Sniffer. Está herramienta detecta si el navegador del usuario soporta Flash, de no ser así muestra un mensaje dónde le sugiere al usuario que descargue la última versión de Flash. Pero esto no sirve para el iPhone o el iPad ya que no soportan Flash en lo absoluto. Es por está razón que a Bisher se le ocurrió la idea de mostrar su opinión ante la decisión de Apple de no soportar Flash.

Básicamente, si visitas la web de Bisher desde tu iPhone o iPad, te encontrarás con una imagen de Steve Jobs con el siguiente texto: “Steve Jobs Hates You.” Ahora mismo sólo esta web tiene este mensaje, pero Bisher lo está ofreciendo a quien lo desee usar. Pronto veremos más webs que sólo funcionan con Flash con este mensaje.


¡Feliz Día Del Orgullo Geek! (EN)

Imagen de Michael Giancaspro.

In 1998 a guy named Tim McEachern started “The Geek Pride Festival” in Albany, New York. In 2006 Geek Pride was celebrated in Spain and on the Internet on May 25th. May 25th was chosen to commemorate the premiere of Star Wars in 1977, a momentous day in Geek history. The highlight of the Spanish festivities was when 300 geeks in Madrid formed a human Pac-Man. They should be proud and so should you because today is Geek Pride Day 2010, and here are five reasons to be proud of your geekiness.

1. We are Passionate:

Geeks are a diverse bunch with one common quality, passion. We feel passionate about things the average person just doesn’t get. Even though I like comic books I am not a comic book geek, but show me a circuit or the inside of a machine and my heart beats as fast as any comic book geek’s on a Wednesday.

2. We’re Smart:

Geeks know things. Lots of things. Not just the things that you take tests on but things like the combination to Kirk’s Safe, the name of Chewbacca’s home planet and many other amazing factoids gathered through our geeky explorations. Just don’t hit us with sports trivia. We might not do so well there.

3. We Make Stuff:

Thomas Edison, Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds and these are just a few of the geeks who make the high tech world we have today possible. Computers, Video Games, and space travel, geeks have left their mark on the world and in outer space with their tireless pursuit to solve problems.

4. We have a Rich Culture:

We have our own fashion, Geek Chic. Our own music, NerdCore. Multiple cons and gatherings for every interest. The myth of the anti-social geek is just that, a myth. We get together and socialize all over the world to celebrate our geekiness.

5. We Have A Long History

Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin were all geeks. We have been around since the dawn of time. Geeking out over wheels, circles, science, architecture … you name it. We are part of the history of the world and we are making the future possible.

So get out there today and celebrate your passion ! Whether it’s RPG’s, Star Wars or Steampunk be proud of your Geekiness. Oh and don’t forget to bring a towel because as any Douglas Adams Geek knows today is also Towel Day.