Steve Jobs Te Odia

Actualmente el iPhone y el iPad no soportan Flash. No sólo esto es una molestia para los usuarios de ambos aparatos, como lo es para los desarrolladores de Flash o los dueños de webs.

Un creativo de McCann, Mat Bisher, tiene su web hecha en Flash y no está de acuerdo con la nueva política de Apple hacia Flash. Por lo que ha decidido enviar un mensaje a los usuarios tanto del iPhone como del iPad utilizando un Flash Sniffer. Está herramienta detecta si el navegador del usuario soporta Flash, de no ser así muestra un mensaje dónde le sugiere al usuario que descargue la última versión de Flash. Pero esto no sirve para el iPhone o el iPad ya que no soportan Flash en lo absoluto. Es por está razón que a Bisher se le ocurrió la idea de mostrar su opinión ante la decisión de Apple de no soportar Flash.

Básicamente, si visitas la web de Bisher desde tu iPhone o iPad, te encontrarás con una imagen de Steve Jobs con el siguiente texto: “Steve Jobs Hates You.” Ahora mismo sólo esta web tiene este mensaje, pero Bisher lo está ofreciendo a quien lo desee usar. Pronto veremos más webs que sólo funcionan con Flash con este mensaje.


Adobe: Nunca Ha Sido HTML Vs. Flash

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch says Flash works just fine on the Apple iPhone, thank you very much — and he thinks that’s exactly why Apple keeps on denying it access. Speaking at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, he explained his belief that by eliminating Flash, Cupertino is forcing developers to build apps natively for iPhone OS rather than one of Adobe’s cross-platform solutions, and thus creating a «walled garden» of applications that users must flock to an iDevice to be able to use. Lynch compared Apple’s control over development formats to 19th century railroad lines that competed for customers by using differently sized rails, and pledged that Adobe would not be part of such a competition. «It’s not HTML vs. Flash — they’ve been co-existing for over a decade,» he said, adding, «We’re going to try and make the best tools in the world for HTML5.» So, what do you think about that, Steve?

-Sean Hollister. Engadget.

¿RIP Flash? (EN)

Microsoft Agrees With Apple And Google: “The Future Of The Web Is HTML5″

Did we mention that 2010 would be a big year for HTML5? Apple and Google are pushing it big time, and now so is Microsoft. When Internet Explorer 9 comes out, it will support HTML5 and help make it more common across the Web.

“The future of the web is HTML5” writes Dean Hachamovitch, the general manager for IE at Microsoft in a blog post talking about Web video. Microsoft still supports Flash as well, but HTML5 and Flash are at loggerheads. By throwing its weight behind HTML5, Microsoft giving Website designers one more reason to abandon Flash.

The post specifically talks about Microsoft’s plans to support only the H.264 codec for HTML5 video. Again, Flash players now support H.264 also. But the more H.264 video is out there, the less need there will be for Flash players because those videos can play directly in an HTML5 browser, such as IE9, Safari, or Chrome.

And, as Apple CEO Steve Jobs discussed in his we-don’t-need-no-stinkin’-Flash rant yesterday, H.264 is much more mobile-friendly.

Hachamovitch is more diplomatic. He also notes that “Flash does have some issues, particularly around reliability, security, and performance.” Nevertheless, he adds that too many consumers rely on Flash, so Microsoft will continue to work with Adobe to make it better.

And if it doesn’t get better, …well, by that time HTML5 will be more widely distributed on sites across the Web. Microsoft and Apple and Google will make sure of that.


Bueno, Flash está bien feo para la foto.