Mochila De C-3PO (EN)

Made from golden leatherette, Threepio comes with a mesh pouch with backpack straps for holding all of his appendages, and his torso features a zippered pocket for storing stuff inside him. It also turns out that his eyes light up and flicker, and he can actually be fully assembled into a 3+ foot tall protocol droid for all your human-cyborg relation needs. It’s expected to be available in limited quantities by August 25, just in time for the Star Wars Celebration, and will set you back$59.99.


Esta mochila súper cool la puedes adquirir en ThinkGeek.

Star Wars + Zombies = Geekgasm! (EN)

Here is a fun geeky T-Shirt that would make a great addition to your geeky wardrobe, especially if you are a Star Wars fan or a fan of Zombies, the Imperial Undead Star Wars T-Shirt.

The Imperial Undead Star Wars T-Shirt was designed by Shanty Shawn, over at Red Bubble, here is what he has to say about his cool creation:

‘If you thought the Empire was evil before, now they’re undead and hungry for some rebel flesh. If you love zombies and Star Wars, then this is a must have for your wardrobe. Your Jedi friends will be sooo jealous!’

If you want one, the Imperial Undead Star Wars T-Shirt is available for $24 from Red Bubble.


La Ultima Cena Versión Star Wars (EN)

This 262-megapixel (24,168 x 10,864) mosaic is made out of 69,550 screen captures from the Star Wars series. The piece was made by Avinash Arora using some mosaic software and a tweaked algorithm…
Over two weeks in the making, Avanish spent 30+ hours adding finishing touches in the end…


Wow, esto está súper cool. Ahora, el comentario que mejor explica mi sentir ante este display de fanatismo es este:

I believe this may be a level of geek that was previously unknown to mankind. Congratulations on setting the bar.